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Digital Mobile Wallet App by ONPASSIVE

O Wallet is the secure digital wallet that you deserve. Unhindered global transactions


In this digital age, complete control of your trading methods is essential. ONPASSIVE provides you with OWallet, a unique digital mobile wallet application designed to provide you with maximum convenience and security for each transaction. 


It has multi-layer security features enabled. O Wallet allows users to easily make online purchases and transfer and receive funds anytime, anywhere. With a highly responsive interface, you can easily access your digital wallet from a mobile device or desktop computer. 


With O-Wallet, you can organize and schedule your payments to ensure that you do not miss deadlines and always pay on time. Its detailed dashboard provides access to past transactions and spending analysis to understand how you spend. 


O-Wallet is a new digital wallet with O Coins. O Coins are your exclusive currency. You can change the equivalent value in the currency of any country. It allows you to use O-Coins for transactions and purchases. OWallet allows you to enter a world full of possibilities. 


0Wallet is one of the most exclusive trading platforms, providing its customers with a digital mobile wallet application to store cash and make quick transactions. This highly secure wallet will allow users to transfer funds to each other within the ONPASSIVE payment gateway ecosystem. Users can make payments to their friends, family, and merchants at the touch of a button, and can withdraw 0Coins from 0Wallet to their bank accounts with absolute ease. 


0Wallet will use facial recognition as an additional layer of security before initiating any financial transaction for identity verification. With an efficient user interface, it provides the safest and fastest online transaction experience. It also has a notable feature that allows users to set fee reminders, remittances, and view transaction reports. 


Users can use O-Coins to use product subscription/activation in the ONPASSIVE interface through OWallet. 

O-Wallet is an ideal option. It allows you to save money through various promotions and unique offers. 


It is specially designed for the worry-free online payment of the ONPASSIVE ecosystem. 0Wallet is an authorized digital mobile wallet application that provides multiple functions:


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Safe & Secure O-Wallet Key Features

A fraud detection feature

Instant Payments Between Wallets

Easy and Fast Self Registration

Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Payments

Merchant Payments via Contactless Technologies (NFC or QR Code Scanning)

It stores credit and debit card information.



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