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ODesk: Customer Relationship Management or CRM?

ODesk: Customer Relationship Management or CRM?


Customer Relationship Management, or CRM, can help you build a foundation of high-quality customer data, thereby increasing your brand influence in the market. So, CRM provides you with a technical advantage to collect the necessary analysis to understand customer behavior and formulate marketing strategies so that you can make the most of every growth opportunity. 


ONPASSIVE brings you 0-Desk and an intricate customer management tool that redefines the customer relationships you can cultivate to build a global brand trusted by the world. The ONPASSIVE's core tool, powered by Al, provides a single platform with multiple features, allowing you to manage and store all aspects of customer relationship management. 


Our AI-powered CRM platform uses collected data for in-depth analysis to help you complete decision-making tasks and understand customer expectations and trends. This Customer Support Software is a must-have tool for any business that works in a niche market based on products or services. 


0-Desk can help you align your marketing strategy with actual market trends and expectations, making you an industry leader. Generate and cultivate important potential customers.


Customer relationship management is a business aspect that helps to improve brand image and market awareness. Use 0-Desk to provide the best customer experience, which is a unified customer management platform that allows you to provide the best experience throughout the customer's journey. 


0-Desk is a perfect potential customer management system that allows you to interact with customers through different channels. Use Al-powered CRM tools for smart work, get business trend analysis, and find smart ways to connect and interact with customers. With the help of sentiment analysis realized by smart tools, we can understand customer requirements and dialogue intentions. 


 Check out  Some of ONPASSIVE's products are O-BlessOMail, OCademyOConnectOTrackerO-NetO-Desk, O-DomainO-CreateO-DitO-ShopO-CountingO-WalletO-Staff, etc.  


design and create automated processes to connect with market trends and sales growth. Ensure that the right people are involved from day one and achieve compliance at every step. Thanks to ONPASSIVE.

O-Desk, ODesk

O-Desk, ODesk by ONPASSIVE

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