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Connecting the world in an instant! By ONPASSIVE Virtual Meeting Platform

O Connect is a audio and video conferencing tool.

O-Connect is an HD audio and video conferencing technology created by ONPASSIVE that offers clarity and quality for online and hybrid courses.

To enhance user experience, O-Connect offers its users a dashboard to control their use of follow-up, attendance, and meeting chat features. 


Another noteworthy function of 0-Connect is the support for one-click upload and on-demand viewing in the tool.


Users can capture what is displayed on the platform and take screenshots using the screenshot option.


Additionally, 0-Connect offers real-time collaboration and gives users the option of dual-screen sharing, which makes it more effective. Another crucial component that reliably converts speech to text via the application programming interface (API) is speech-to-text. One of 0-Connect's features is the chat emoji which provides an illustrated version of the user's idea.

Users of regional languages can better understand foreign languages thanks to the automatic language translation feature.


O-Connect aims to offer a better and easier approach to maintaining connections in the virtual world. Today's consumers want global connectedness and the best video conferencing tools for businesses.


The high-definition audio and video conferencing application O-Connect was created by ONPASSIVE and offers unmatched clarity and quality for each virtual connection.


Each user may monitor and keep track of their actions in the simplest way possible with 0-Connect thanks to its comprehensive dashboard.

The tool may easily send out invitations, share two screens, integrate external links, and add people to the conference without any constraints. Virtual cooperation is made simpler by the tool in a number of ways.


To eliminate any language barrier between participants, 0-Connect offers automatic voice and text services in a variety of languages.


O-Connect enables Al by ONPASSIVE, improves the outcome of every virtual meeting by making the world smaller and distance less of a barrier, and offers a flawless connection with the unmatched O-Connect.


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A video conferencing tool, O-Connect by ONPASSIVE, a video conferencing tool.

Noise Cancelling

Attractive Chat Emojis

Auto-Language Translation

Direct Link to YouTube

Send Invite by e-mail Address

Integrated Links to External URLs


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