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Short and Meaningful URLs look prettier when shared.

0 Trim is a URL shortening tool.

0-Trim is a URL shortening tool created by ONPASSIVE. This tool complies with its own ability to shorten URL links on the website. Create a simple URL that you can send, share, transmit, and publish on social networks and other platforms. 

Website URL Personalization is required in today's world. 


In most cases, we find a website with a prolonged link address that is broken and lost in the website information. Here, you can get an O-TRIM, perform a job by reducing a long URL to a minor, and have a smooth migration from one user to another. 


0Trim Track is the URL created by the registered user and is used to access the user's location. It also provides an option to add an alias name to identify the shortened URL. Users also help obtain the original URL. 


0 Trim provides security for short URLs by sending email authentication to share them with external users. This increases the efficiency and use of the customer base. 


-Shorten a long URL


-Add a Name for the Shortened URL


Track Past Links and Add a Name to Past Links


-Answer Support Related Queries in an Easy Way


-Search and Find an Alias Name for the URLs


-The Tool of ONPASSIVE to Shorten Long URLs on Links for Easy Access and Enhance Performance


F.A.Q. About O-Trim


What is O-Trim?

-O-Trim is a simple tool that takes a long URL and turns it into a short URL. 


How is OTrim beneficial?

-It is not possible to remember long URLs, hence shortening URLs helps business communities to share short URLs on social media and other channels for advertisement. 


What's a Custom URL Shortener? 

A custom, or branded URL shortener (O-Trim), is when you’ve connected your custom domain to a URL shortener that acts as a base for all the short links you create. Instead of using a generic domain, you can choose your own. 


How to Use Multiple Long URLs for One Short URL? 

-Users can paste a long URL and shorten it later. He can change that shortened URL with another long URL. 


What is Link Tracking? 

-Registered user tracking of your past links where it shows the user’s geolocation i.e. IP address, country, city, etc., which enables registered users to understand how many users across the world are clicking your shortened URL links. 


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0-Trim is a URL trimming tool created by ONPASSIVE.


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