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ONET is a social media platform.

0-Net by ONPASSIVE is a well-built social media platform that can provide you with unique and effective social media connections. To help you bridge the distance gap, you can now connect with the people you care about and their interest in highly secure, feature-rich applications. 

0-Net by ONPASSIVE allows you to privately share images, videos, texts, and GIFs with your friends, or publish them to everyone to view, always ensuring your personal information is safe. With Al technology, it can help you connect with the right people that match your interests. 


0-Net provides companies with targeted advertising advantages to cover a wider customer base and build brand awareness. With its multi-layered capabilities, 0-Net is not only more attractive but also very effective in creating more meaningful social networks. 


0-Net may be the best social media platform. 0-Net encourages you to connect with like-minded people. 0-Net can help you connect with friends and family, and easily discover new friends through highlights such as groups, watching, and markets. 


You can use it to send images, text, audio, and video content to other users individually or in groups. 0Net relies on Al's advanced technology to reliably develop to meet the needs of its users and attract new users.


0-Net by ONPASSIVE also offers businesses the advantage of targeted advertisements to reach a wider customer base and bring about brand awareness. With its multi-layer of features, O-Net is not just more engaging but is highly effective in creating a social network that is more meaningful.


You can find friends in many ways, including using search engines for specific people, etc. With 0-Net, you can browse and join networks that are coordinated and organized into four categories: regions; workplaces; universities; and high schools. 0-Net has also effectively driven the development of the company, making it a safe space in which to occupy a place and get the right visibility. 


0-Net has reliably developed to meet the needs of its users and attract new users. Use the perfect platform to enhance your social network, providing you with customizable features to enhance every experience.


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Key Features of O-Net 


Meaningful discussions and high-quality content sharing

The News Feed and Timeline

Events and Marketplace

Notifications and groups

Messages and Inbox


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