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O-Bless is the heart of ONPASSIVE!

Create thoughtful and effective campaigns for causes that matter.

O-Bless brings people together to discuss what is important to the community. It is multi-functional, allowing all interested people to showcase a project, obtain funding, and at the same time provide an effective platform to gain recognition for innovation.


O-Bless is an effective channel that allows you to reach the right people, who can help change the status quo by supporting your case. Be it a social enterprise or an innovation, OBless provides you with a platform to create an event that can reach the right people around the world.


Its functions are effectively developed to guarantee maximum ease when starting or supporting activities. The main goal of OBless is to create a meaningful platform for those who want to make a difference. Its unique characteristics allow each user to create impactful activities that can resonate with their cause and inspire millions of people to participate in missions that can have a positive impact.


O-Bless allows you to connect with people around the world and meet their needs through fundraising quickly and easily. ONPASSIVE I developed O-Bless with good intentions. O-Bless is a non-profit platform that helps raise funds on a global scale.


If you want to support a charity project that requires funding in an emergency, this amazing platform connects you with donors and businesses. We provide you with multi-currency features to help you collect funds from different countries.


 ONPASSIVE's mission is to create influential charities among people. We develop the platform using tools that create impressive investments. Our search function can promote your work based on profile, time frame, scale, country, industry, and other criteria.


The Key Features of O-BLESS:


Create profile pages for causes and backers. 


Access to the admin dashboard and reports

Create a useful campaign page.

Upload engaging and motivating videos.

Helping Hands

0-Tracker by ONPASSIVE maps IP addresses to physical locations and offers additional insights.

Key features of O-Tracker

Identify Click Frauds

Accurate Geo-Location

Generate User Heat Map 

Visitor Statistical Reports


User Demographic Reports

User Demographic Reports

Schedule Geo-Fencing

O-Tracker/OTracker by ONPASSIVE.

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