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Knowing Mr. Ash Mufareh (SEE HIS VIDEOS BELOW)

Ash Mufareh, CEO and Founder of ONPASSIVE, has a vision for the future. A selfless person, he rarely thinks of himself but more of those who strive to be independent in order to lead prosperous lives. The result is ONPASSIVE, an AI-powered automation platform that can provide much-needed business solutions. It is completely hands-free. 


Ash Mufareh studied at the Intercontinental University of the United States and obtained a master's degree in information technology and electronic commerce. It was at this moment that he understood how the Internet has the potential to change the world. 


In 2005, Ash Mufareh gained major member status as a Global Domains International (GDI) Top Producer, giving members the option to start their own online home business and earn commissions to secure their future financial needs. To this day, he still holds this position with pride. 


He succeeded one by one. Ash has been the founder and CEO of GDI Fusion since 2014. Five years of unremitting effort have created him now. You have seen, you have realized, you have understood what the world really needs. Today, he has mastered the key to success and is ready to give it to you. 


Ash Mufareh quickly realized that online business was becoming a technology-driven industry. Few companies provide companies with comprehensive business automation solutions to achieve online success. 


He also understands why only large companies can lead the market, while small companies are defeated by these companies. Many small businesses go to great lengths and use every resource to defend themselves. 


Instead, business owners should use tools to profit from their business. These tools can give you free time to think about your strategy to create better tools and services for your clients. 


He believes that every company, large or small, should have equal opportunities, tools, strategies, and budgets for competitive competition. 

Therefore, they conceived and launched ONPASSIVE in July 2018, which not only provides its registered members with free trading tools but also provides its active members with the remaining lifetime income. 


These members have access to advanced automation tools powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and are equipped with modern analytical techniques. These automated tools eliminate the manual processes and provide complete control of most business activities, providing business owners with personal time. 


He also released GoFounders as an ONPASSIVE backend, allowing founders to register seamlessly. 


At the same time, it should allow its founders, with the help of multiple tools shared with them on the platform, to build a team of active members who remain active on the platform. 


Ash has undoubtedly unleashed a series of unsettling waves in the internet world by providing limitless online business solutions and empowering others by providing financial freedom and personal time.

CEO and Founder of OnPassive, Mr. Ash Mufareh

Let's listen to Mr. Ash Mufareh.

Short article from our CEO Mr. Ash Mufareh 

 I know people who’ve been diligently chasing freedom for 15 years that haven’t been able to quit their job yet No Kidding I don't understand how so It’s time to Stop wishing... Taking Control of our Financial Future ONPASSIVE is the official "Fire Your Boss" strategy! You read that correctly. Stop enduring your boss's bad breath, moody temper, and unrealistic expectations. it's Time To Experience Freedom... And Work Smart (not hard) Set your business on 'cruise' OR 'Autopilot’  ONPASSIVE is (Mother Of All Businesses) It’s time to run our business as a REAL Business, and get paid like real business owners! And no I’m not some guy dancing around in front of a rented Lambo, hotel pools, and high rises telling you how great life can be… It’s time to make our families and loved ones PROUD Enough of getting the “pity” looks from friends and family whenever we tell them: success “is just around the corner…” We Are Ready To Shake Up The Internet! ARE YOU ??. Thank you for watching.  

The Journey of #ONPASSIVE by CEO & Creator Ash Mufareh

Ash Mufareh Talking about CATMO and MONEY!


'C' stands for Complete Digital Solution

'A' stands for  Automation

'T' stands for Targeted Traffic

'MO' stands for Money.

Mr. Ash Mufareh talks about his financial goal.

This is the reason we love this man. Because he has a big heart for humanity

Chat with Mr. Ash Mufareh

 You must listen to Mr. Ash Mufareh to see how big ONPASSIVE is. 

What will a small business benifit from ONPASSIVE?
Ash Mufareh shares the specific benefits of joining Gofounders and ONPASSIVE for owners of small businesses and those who work in small businesses. The future is great for all businesses but especially for small business. You get specific advantages others don't have when you join ONPASSIVE in their comprehensive total internet package at a far lower cost and more features than the competition. 
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