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ONPASSIVE is the last business you need! All business experts in the world will agree that there are only four ways to make money: One: As an employee, Two: Self-employment Three: Investment Four: Owning a business. Employees may be very attractive to some people, but you must realize that even if it is a government job, you will be one day away from being fired, laid off, or retired. Many people go out alone and are self-employed. This is ideal for traders, artists, and freelancers. But you still trade time for money, and you can only do so much in a day. If you have money and time, investing is great. But you know what they say: It takes money to make money, and it is hazardous. Everyone agrees that the fourth way is the smartest way. own a business. Businesses can expand, and they can expand beyond cities, states, or countries. Businesses can make money 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A company that can operate regardless of whether you are present or not. This is what we must provide. The turnkey business is one of the largest industries in the world. online sale. This year's online sales are expected to reach US $ 4.9 trillion, with a market value of 4.6 billion Internet users. Our company is ready to provide every Internet user with the products and services they desperately need and want. Who is this company? ONPASSIVE is the last business you need. Whether you decide to be active or passive, you will win. Enter as a paying founder, and you will earn money by allowing the company to automate the entire process for you. Actively enter as a paid founder and share with others. You will earn a faster income. Anyway, you win. This is a company that builds 100% automated Internet businesses for you. Your own online franchise! It will automatically sell digital products and AI tools for your business, so you can make money because it will automatically generate customers for you. All these products are attractive to everyone, from personal use to entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized and large enterprises, high schools, universities, governments, and yes, e ven the military. How will you make money? It uses artificial intelligence (AI) to bring targeted traffic to your website. The website is created for you through automated and guaranteed advertising and marketing. It provides your visitors with all the information about your business, tracks your visitors, answers their questions, and completes sales, all of which is done through an automated process that is 100% done for you. When the sale is complete, as time goes on, you will get paid immediately, which can add up to thousands, tens of thousands, or hundreds of thousands, because the business will continue to create customers for you. A company with all walks of life will be successful. A company that pays you in multiple ways and allows you to grow a global network. a company that offers the best compensation plan in the world. It's really automated residual income. Also, it doesn't matter if you have an MBA degree from a university, if this is your first business or something in between. because everyone has exactly the same opportunity to read this. Mail or Femail, experienced or not, young or old, all have a level playing field. All you need to do is enter! It's that easy. A fantastic growth industry, and the timing is absolutely perfect. Learn more. Learn how to start in this exciting industry. Understand the real situation of automatic residual income. To this day, you still have the opportunity to become a founder. As we know today, We are ready to disrupt the Internet. "If someone offers you an incredible opportunity, but you are not sure if you can do it, say yes, and then learn how to do it." Richard Branson Thank you for reading.

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ONPASSIVE is an artificial intelligence technology company that uses the latest technology to create completely autonomous products for our global customer base. From strategy to design, implementation, and management, we are here to accelerate innovation and business transformation. 


Our wide range of artificial intelligence-based products and solutions is designed to realize the digital transformation of global enterprises. ONPASSIVE's product innovation and digital transformation strategies help reshape business models and help our customers achieve higher operational efficiency and a better customer experience. 


We have realized the full value of game-changing artificial intelligence technologies and services that are easy to use, adapt, and expand, enabling our customers to succeed in a fully connected world. Our goal is to help our customers build stronger customer relationships, drive sales, discover new opportunities, and analyze marketing results to improve their businesses.


Cultivate the dream of change: 

It is the only Total Internet Solutions (TIS) company with a complete ecosystem of artificial intelligence applications and tools. ONPASSIVE is marked as the first powerful Smart Business Solution (SBS) and is a one-stop shop for all your innovation and technology needs. 


With ONPASSIVE, you can run a viable business on a set of efficient and productive tools that are placed in an autonomous driving state and provide endless traffic for your business. The solutions we provide emphasize that we are committed to automating various tasks to improve the profitability of your business. 


The organization also focuses on the realization and implementation of advanced artificial intelligence technology products that can be adapted to companies of different sizes. Small and medium-sized companies will also benefit from our solutions, which give them modern technology to avoid competition from large multinationals. 


What is ONPASSIVE? Its best talent pool has many years of technical experience and professional knowledge. This helps provide outstanding business solutions that exceed business standards and transform traditional businesses into digital businesses backed by comprehensive, advanced artificial intelligence technology, where technology defeats manual tasks. 


Business owners and entrepreneurs can access activities and recommendations processed by real-time data. Our contribution can withstand the dynamic technological progress of the current era. New incremental updates move to the cloud, helping you get the latest and greatest technology to run your business.


Our goal is to incubate, innovate, develop, and launch AI-based technology products that support every business innovation competency. In addition, to achieve this goal, we are building a suite of enterprise artificial intelligence OnPassive products that can be adopted quickly and inexpensively. 


Your dream is what ONPASSIVE aims to achieve and accomplish to ensure your success. When you understand that our goal is to deliver your dreams to you, you will understand that is extraordinary. It establishes your business in a completely safe and reliable way.

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