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The communication tool you have at work is OPEER.

0-PEER by ONPASSIVE is an internal communication tool to improve performance for businesses.


The real-time communication tools in the office environment can greatly help simplify the flow of information among the allowed people. This supports instant messaging and has additional online information advantages. 


ONPASSIVE provides 0-Peer, which is a specially built tool that, in addition to being able to share and store files, also allows the use of messages for office communication. 


0 Peer has multiple functions, no matter where it is located, allowing easy collaboration. It provides companies with a highly secure platform to discuss their proprietary information without worrying about third-party involvement. With custom dashboards, users can track teams, projects, and high-quality screen sharing, and generate reports when needed. 


0-Peer by ONPASSIVE provides you with the convenience of a management office from anywhere, be it in the office, at home, or from anywhere else. You can visit your office anytime, anywhere.


Customer relationship management (CRM) helps lay the foundation for high-quality customer data that you can use to increase your brand's presence in the market. CRM provides the technical advantage to gather the analytics needed to understand customer behavior and graph marketing strategies to maximize all growth opportunities. 


ONPASSIVE offers O-Desk, a complexly designed customer management tool. It redefines the customer relationships that can be fostered to build a global brand that the world trusts. Leveraging AI, O-Desk is the premier marketing automation platform that offers a unique multifunctional interface that allows you to manage and store all aspects of customer relationship management. 


The data collected is used for in-depth analysis to help you make decisions and understand customer expectations and trends. It's an essential tool for any business operating in a product-based or service-based niche. O-Desk tools help you align your marketing strategy with real market trends and expectations and become an industry leader. 


generating and nurturing key leads 


Customer relationship management is a business aspect that helps drive brand image and market awareness. Deliver the best experience for your customers with O-Desk. It's an integrated customer management platform that enables you to provide your customers with the best possible experience along the way. 


O-Desk is a perfect lead management system that allows you to engage with your customers across multiple channels. With the help of sentiment analysis made possible by intelligent tools, customers can better understand customer needs and conversation intent. Work smart with AI-powered CRM tools to get smart ways to analyze business trends and engage with your customers. 


design and create automated processes to help connect with market trends, sales growth, and more. Engage the right people in O-Desk to ensure compliance at every step of your customer interaction.


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0-PEER by ONPASSIVE is an internal communication tool to improve performance for businesses.


send messages, share, and store files.

No involvement of a third party

Easy collaboration

a safe platform for communication.

Personalized dashboard.

messaging instantly.


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