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What if money is not an issue anymore in your life?

Do not think about the recipe; be sure it will be delicious:))

Since you ask, here are the main ingredients while we are starting the journey:


O-Connect, as a video conferencing tool, is the first paid product of ONPASSIVE. This is a disruptive thecnology. Everybody will know about it and start to use it very soon. It will go viral.  You won't have to tell much about it to sell. You may try it for free to see the features of O-Connect.

Subscription fee is 125 USD for a month. You will have to buy it quarterly/three months period. One month is free, you will pay for two months. You already get 10 O-Koin when you register for free. (1 O-Koin is 1 USD.) So You will pay 240 USD and use it for three months. Up to 10.000 seat capacity for unlimited time.

How much will you earn, if you sell it?

%100 of first sale.
You break even when you make only one sale. 

After that, you will get %25 of every single sale. And more bonuses in the future, but no exact details known at the moment. (That's part of the delicious/secret sos:))

There will be different packages in December (90 days later), more expensive or less expensive.

Maybe you do not need a video-conferencing tool, or you do not need a 10.000 seat capacity. You do not have to be a woman to sell high-hill shoes:))

There will be more disruptive tools launching one after another one. O-Tracker, O-desk, O-Domain, O-Create, O-Booking etc. Earnings will be limitless with this company. This is not an ordinary company. They will do the branding and all the advertisement. Whole world will know about ONPASSIVE very soon. Only thing you will do, get the registerations and make money.

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