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A personal / business email tool of ONPASSIVE.  

The universal webmail service OMail by ONPASSIVE has a stunning appearance and is suitable for business use.  It supports multiple email accounts, smart push alerts, an unlimited number of email accounts from various providers,  
and group emails.
0-Mail has a wide range of visual and technical customizations, including slide operations and menus, operation bars and buttons, colors, and themes.  
As a next-generation email tool and the best webmail service for businesses, it offers powerful features for your team. With 99.90% consistent uptime, OMail's data center has top-notch security and monitoring.
The domain-based email from 0-Mail has an integrated calendar that rapidly refreshes and syncs your events. With unparalleled ease, schedule events, invite your contacts, and create reminders. You can now discover the ideal balance while making your daily and weekly routines by simply setting a calendar.
ONPASSIVE developed the email platform 0-Mail to serve as a potent organizational tool. The platform makes it simple and safe for people to communicate. 0Mail is the best email platform for both personal and business use because of its features.
It uses artificial intelligence technology. OMail enhances each user's experience with intelligent features, limitless storage, the integration of online and offline calendars, email synchronization across various devices, and incredibly straightforward contact management. Users of OMail can personalize their email client to suit their tastes and turn on notifications for various devices.
This revolutionary and best email platform for business aims to give users from all walks of life the best experience possible with a wide range of features and advantages. The platform continuously improves, is thoroughly optimized, and offers unmatched service.
The Main Features of O-Mail, ONPASSIVE's Product:
0Mail is a powerful email service with multiple features that can enhance the convenience of sending and receiving emails and managing contacts. Our best email platform for small businesses is a convenient and easy-to-use solution that can meet all your email-sending needs.
Some of ONPASSIVE's products are O-BlessOMail, OCademyOConnectOTrackerO-NetO-Desk, O-DomainO-CreateO-DitO-ShopO-CountingO-WalletO-Staff, etc. 

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